If you’re planning a trip from Killeen to Waco, you might be wondering how far apart these two cities are. The distance between Killeen and Waco is approximately 45.7 miles, depending on the route you take. This means that the journey takes about an hour by car, assuming normal traffic conditions.

There are various transportation options available for traveling between Killeen and Waco, such as driving, taking a bus, or using a taxi service. If you choose to drive, you can select either the I-35 North or I-35 South route, depending on where you’re coming from and where you’re headed.You can also bus from Killeen to Waco, taking about an hour and costing $10-$15 per person.
Taxis are also an option, albeit they might incur higher costs compared to other alternatives.

Distance Overview – Approx. 30 miles: How Far is Killeen from Waco

When organizing a journey between Waco and Killeen, understanding the distance and driving duration between these cities is crucial. Here, I’ll outline the driving distance and time, along with the direct line distance, between Waco and Killeen.

Driving Distance and Time

The driving distance between Waco and Killeen is approximately 59 miles or 95 kilometers. Traveling from Waco to Killeen typically takes approximately 62 minutes, while the journey from Killeen to Waco consumes a similar amount of time.

The driving distance and time between the two cities can vary depending on traffic conditions and the route you take.The fastest route between Waco and Killeen is via I-35 S, which takes you through Temple. However, there are other routes you can take, such as US-190 W or TX-195 N, which may be more scenic or avoid heavy traffic.

Straight Line Distance

The straight line distance between Waco and Killeen is approximately 45 miles or 73 kilometers. This distance is calculated as the crow flies and represents the shortest distance between the two cities. However, it’s important to note that the actual driving distance may be longer due to the route you take and any detours you make.

Knowing the straight line distance between Waco and Killeen can be useful if you’re planning to travel by air or if you’re curious about the distance “as the crow flies”. However, if you’re driving between the two cities, it’s important to consider the actual driving distance and time.

Overall, the total driving distance between Waco and Killeen is around 59 miles or 95 kilometers, and the straight line distance is around 45 miles or 73 kilometers. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, knowing the distance and driving time between the two cities can help you plan your trip more effectively.

How Far is Killeen from Waco – Travel Distance

Best Travel Routes

When preparing for a journey from Killeen to Waco, it’s crucial to weigh the optimal travel paths. One efficient and direct option involves following US-190 E and then transitioning onto I-35 N. Covering roughly 60 miles, this route typically takes about an hour to complete. Alternatively, travelers can opt for TX-195 N followed by I-35 N, which spans approximately 70 miles. While slightly longer, this route might prove advantageous in case of congestion along US-190 E.

Accommodations and Stops

When journeying from Killeen to Waco, numerous lodgings and attractions along the route can enhance the travel experience. Some popular hotels in Killeen include the Courtyard by Marriott Killeen and the Hilton Garden Inn Killeen. In Waco, some popular options include the Hampton Inn & Suites Waco-South and the Hilton Waco.

If you plan on making stops along the way, there are several attractions to check out. In Killeen, you can visit the Vive Les Arts Theatre or the Killeen Mall. You have the option to explore either the Dr. Pepper Museum or the Cameron Park Zoo while in Waco.

Cost Estimation

When planning a trip, it is important to consider the cost. The cost of the trip will depend on several factors, such as the mode of transportation used, the number of stops made, and the cost of accommodations.

If you intend to drive, you can approximate your gas expenses by using a fuel cost calculator such as GasBuddy. Additionally, you can estimate the cost of accommodations by using websites like Expedia or Booking.com.

Overall, the cost of the trip will vary depending on your preferences and budget. However, by doing some research and planning ahead, you can save money and make the most out of your trip.

Distance Between Killeen & Waco: Approx 30 mi

Flying vs Driving

If you want to travel from Killeen to Waco, you can choose between flying or driving. Flying is definitely the faster option, but it can also be more expensive. There are a pair of airports in the vicinity: Waco Regional Airport, coded as ACT, and Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport, coded as GRK. If you choose to fly, you’ll need to factor in the time it takes to go through TSA security lines and the actual flight time.

Conversely, while driving may take longer, it typically comes at a lower cost. The distance between Killeen and Waco is approximately 46 miles, which can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to drive depending on traffic and other factors. You can also choose to take a taxi or drive your own car.

Public Transportation

If you’re a global traveler without your own transportation, you can choose to take public transportation from Killeen to Waco. There are a few different options available, including taking a bus or a train.
Using a bus is frequently the more economical choice, and numerous companies operate in the region, including Flixbus USA.

For a more comfortable journey, consider the train option. Amtrak Thruway Connecting Service operates in the region, with various stations in both cities. Train travel generally tends to be more expensive than bus alternatives.

In summary, diverse travel choices exist for the route between these two locations. Whether opting for air travel, driving, or public transit, numerous avenues lead to your destination.