Waco, Texas may be known for its rich history and beautiful scenery, but it’s also home to some of the best fine dining restaurants in the state. As a resident of Waco, I have had the pleasure of dining at several of these establishments and can attest to their exceptional cuisine and service. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply looking for a night out, Waco’s fine dining scene has something to offer for everyone.

One such restaurant that stands out is One Thirty Five Prime. This American steakhouse is known for its high-quality cuts of meat, extensive wine list, and elegant atmosphere. With a menu that features dishes like filet mignon, lobster tail, and wagyu beef, it’s no wonder why One Thirty Five Prime has become a popular destination for fine dining in Waco. Additionally, their attentive and knowledgeable staff ensure that every guest has a memorable dining experience.

Another restaurant worth mentioning is Di Campli’s Italian Ristorante. This family-owned restaurant offers traditional Italian cuisine, including homemade pasta and wood-fired pizza. The restaurant’s cozy, intimate ambiance makes it the perfect setting for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends. With its delicious food, excellent service, and charming atmosphere, Di Campli’s is a must-visit for anyone looking for fine dining in Waco.

Fine Dining in Waco, Texas: The Essence of Culinary Excellence

When it comes to fine dining, it’s not just about the food. It’s about the entire experience. From the moment you walk in the door, you should feel welcomed and appreciated. The atmosphere should be elegant and sophisticated, but not stuffy. The service should be attentive and knowledgeable, but not intrusive.

At the heart of fine dining is the food. It should be expertly prepared, using only the finest ingredients. Every dish should be a work of art, both visually and in terms of taste. It’s not just about filling your stomach, but about creating a memorable culinary experience that will stay with you long after the meal is over.

One of the hallmarks of fine dining is the attention to detail. Everything from the presentation of the food to the quality of the silverware should be impeccable. The menu should be well-curated, with a focus on seasonal and local ingredients. The wine list should be extensive, with options to suit every palate and budget.

Overall, fine dining is about creating a memorable experience that engages all of your senses. It’s about celebrating the art of food and the joy of sharing a meal with others. In Waco, there are several restaurants that embody the essence of fine dining, offering exceptional food, service, and atmosphere.

History of Fine Dining in Waco, Texas

As a foodie, I have always been fascinated by the history of fine dining in Waco, Texas. Waco has a rich culinary history, and the fine dining scene has evolved over the years.

In the early 1900s, Waco was a bustling town with a growing population. Many of the restaurants in the area were small diners and cafes that served simple, home-cooked meals. However, as the city grew, so did the demand for more upscale dining options.

The first fine dining restaurant in Waco, Texas, was the Elite Cafe, which opened in 1919. The Elite Cafe was a popular spot for locals and visitors alike, serving up classic American fare like chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes. Over the years, the restaurant has changed hands several times, but it remains a beloved institution in Waco to this day.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Waco experienced a boom in fine dining establishments. Restaurants like the Brazos Club and the Cotton Palace Hotel Dining Room became popular destinations for special occasions and business dinners. These restaurants offered upscale menus featuring dishes like prime rib and lobster, and they were known for their elegant atmosphere and attentive service.

Today, the fine dining scene in Waco continues to evolve. New restaurants like the Magnolia Table and One Thirty Five Prime have opened in recent years, offering a modern take on classic dishes and innovative cuisine. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic steak dinner or something more adventurous, Waco has something to offer for every palate.

Famous Fine Dining Restaurants in Waco

As a food enthusiast, I have explored the culinary scene in Waco, Texas, and discovered some of the most famous fine dining restaurants in the city. Below are my top picks for anyone looking to indulge in an exquisite dining experience.

Magnolia Table

Owned by Chip and Joanna Gaines, Magnolia Table is a popular breakfast and brunch spot that has gained a reputation for its delicious food and stunning decor. The restaurant offers a warm and cozy atmosphere, with a menu that features classic American dishes with a Southern twist. Some of the must-try dishes at Magnolia Table include the Farm Breakfast, which includes two eggs, bacon or sausage, and a biscuit, and the Gaines Brothers Burger, which is a juicy burger topped with cheddar cheese, jalapenos, and avocado.


Diamondback’s is a steakhouse that offers a fine dining experience in a relaxed and elegant setting. The restaurant boasts a menu that features premium cuts of meat, fresh seafood, and an extensive wine list. Some of the standout dishes at Diamondback’s include the Filet Mignon, which is cooked to perfection and served with a side of creamy mashed potatoes, and the Lobster Tail, which is served with drawn butter and lemon.

135 Prime

135 Prime is a steakhouse that has gained a reputation for its exceptional food and impeccable service. The restaurant offers a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere, with a menu that features premium cuts of meat, fresh seafood, and an extensive wine list. Some of the must-try dishes at 135 Prime include the Bone-in Ribeye, which is cooked to perfection and served with a side of truffle fries, and the Lobster Bisque, which is rich and creamy and packed with flavor.

Overall, Waco, Texas is home to some of the finest dining establishments in the state, and these three restaurants are just a few of the many options available to food enthusiasts.

Signature Dishes in Waco’s Fine Dining

As a food enthusiast, I have had the pleasure of indulging in some of the best fine dining experiences in Waco, Texas. Waco’s fine dining scene offers a variety of cuisines and signature dishes that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. Here are some of the must-try signature dishes in Waco’s fine dining restaurants:

Akaushi Beef at Magnolia Table

Magnolia Table is a popular steakhouse in Waco that serves Akaushi beef, a Japanese breed of cattle that produces some of the most tender and flavorful beef in the world. The Akaushi beef at Magnolia Table is cooked to perfection and served with a side of creamy mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. The dish is a perfect combination of flavors and textures that will leave you wanting more.

Wood-Fired Pizzas at Moroso Wood Fired Pizzeria

Moroso Wood Fired Pizzeria is a cozy Italian restaurant in Waco that offers a variety of wood-fired pizzas. The pizzas are made with fresh ingredients and cooked in a wood-fired oven, which gives them a unique smoky flavor. The most popular pizza at Moroso is the Margherita pizza, which is made with San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil. The crust is thin and crispy, and the toppings are perfectly balanced.

Chicken Fried Steak at George’s Restaurant

George’s Restaurant is a historic American restaurant in Waco that has been serving customers since 1930. The restaurant is known for its down-home Southern dishes, including the famous chicken fried steak. The steak is breaded and fried to perfection, and served with a side of creamy gravy and mashed potatoes. It’s a hearty and satisfying dish that will make you feel right at home.

Whether you’re a foodie or just looking for a special night out, Waco’s fine dining scene has something for everyone. These signature dishes are just a few of the many delicious options available in Waco’s fine dining restaurants.

The Role of Chefs in Waco’s Fine Dining Scene

As a food enthusiast, I have always been fascinated by the culinary scene in Waco, Texas. The city has a diverse range of restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, but its fine dining scene is particularly impressive. Behind the success of these restaurants are the talented chefs who bring their unique vision and expertise to the table.

Top Chefs in Waco

Waco’s fine dining scene is blessed with some of the most talented chefs in Texas. One of the most well-known chefs in the city is Corey McEntyre, the executive chef at Milo All Day. McEntyre has worked in some of the best kitchens in the country, including the Michelin-starred Jean-Georges in New York City. His innovative and creative approach to cooking has earned him numerous accolades and made him a household name in Waco.

Another top chef in Waco is Jeffrey Dunham, the executive chef at the renowned restaurant, Ninfa’s. Dunham has been with the restaurant for over a decade and has helped establish it as one of the best fine dining destinations in the city. His expertise in Mexican cuisine and his ability to create unique and flavorful dishes has made him a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Innovative Cooking Styles

One of the reasons why Waco’s fine dining scene is so exciting is the innovative cooking styles that chefs bring to the table. For example, the chefs at 135 Prime use a unique blend of French and Texas-style cooking to create some of the most delicious and creative dishes in the city. The restaurant’s signature dish, the Prime Ribeye, is a perfect example of this fusion of cuisines.

Another restaurant that is pushing the boundaries of fine dining in Waco is Jasper’s. Chef Kent Rathbun, the mastermind behind Jasper’s, has created a menu that combines classic American flavors with modern cooking techniques. The result is a dining experience that is both familiar and exciting.

In conclusion, we cannot overstate the crucial role chefs play in Waco’s fine dining scene. Their creativity, expertise, and passion for food have helped establish the city as one of the best culinary destinations in Texas. Whether you are a food enthusiast or just looking for a great meal, Waco’s fine dining scene is sure to impress.

Wine Pairing in Fine Dining

When it comes to fine dining, wine pairing is an essential element that can elevate the dining experience. As a wine enthusiast, I love exploring different wine varieties and pairing them with different dishes. In Waco, Texas, there are several fine dining restaurants that offer an extensive wine list and expert sommeliers to help you choose the perfect wine.

One of the most important things to consider when pairing wine with food is the flavor profile of the dish. A Burgundy Pinot Noir differs in flavor from a Californian one, showcasing regional distinctions.

Consider the wine-producing region as another crucial aspect. Wines from different regions have their own unique characteristics and flavors. A Burgundy Pinot Noir differs in flavor from a Californian one, showcasing regional distinctions.

Beyond traditional choices, fine dining spots offer unique wine pairings. Try Port with chocolate desserts or a sweet Riesling with spicy dishes.

Overall, wine pairing is an art that takes time and practice to master. With an expert sommelier and openness to new experiences, explore wine pairings to elevate your fine dining.

Etiquette in Fine Dining Restaurants

Follow proper etiquette when dining at a fine restaurant for a pleasant experience for yourself and others. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Dress Code

Most fine dining restaurants have a dress code, so it’s important to dress appropriately. Men should wear a suit or sport coat, and women should wear a dress or nice pantsuit. Avoid wearing anything too casual, such as jeans or sneakers.

Table Manners

When seated at the table, wait for everyone to be seated before starting to eat. Use utensils from the outside in, and place your napkin on your lap. Avoid talking with your mouth full, and never reach across the table for something. Instead, ask for it to be passed to you.


When ordering, be courteous to your server. Ask questions if you’re unsure about something, and avoid making special requests or substitutions unless necessary. If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, let your server know in advance.


When it’s time to pay, be sure to leave a tip of at least 15-20% of the total bill. If you’re splitting the bill with others, be sure to clearly communicate how much each person owes. And always thank your server for their service.

By following these simple etiquette rules, you’ll be able to enjoy your fine dining experience to the fullest.

Future of Fine Dining in Waco

The future of fine dining in Waco is promising, fueled by a growing population and thriving economy. New restaurants and culinary talent are elevating the local dining scene.

One trend that I have noticed is the rise of farm-to-table dining in Waco. Many restaurants are now sourcing their ingredients from local farms and ranches, which not only supports the local economy but also ensures that diners are getting the freshest and most flavorful ingredients possible. Some of the best farm-to-table restaurants in Waco include Diamondback’s and Brazos Bar & Bistro.

Another trend that I am excited about is the increasing diversity of cuisines available in Waco. We are seeing more and more restaurants offering international flavors, from Brazilian steakhouses to Mexican cuisine to Hawaiian fare. Some of the most anticipated new restaurants in Waco include Casa Do Brazil, which will bring the flavors of Brazil to downtown Waco, and Hawaiian Bros, a popular fast-casual chain that is set to open its first location in Waco in the near future.

Exciting times for Waco’s dining scene! Top chefs at spots like One Thirty Five Prime and Bombone’s are redefining fine dining with innovative twists. The city’s culinary future looks bright, offering diverse options for every foodie to savor.