If you’re a pizza lover residing in Waco, you’re in for a delightful treat. The heart of Texas has a thriving pizza scene, with numerous pizzerias offering a wide range of flavors and styles to satisfy your cravings. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you on a mouthwatering journey through the top five pizza places in Waco that stand out as the best.

Moroso Wood Fired Pizzeria: A Slice of Authentic Italy in Waco

Location: 4700 Bosque Blvd Waco, TX 76710

Moroso Wood Fired Pizzeria is a gem among Waco’s culinary treasures. If you’re a fan of authentic Neapolitan-style pizza, you’ll find your pizza paradise here. Their commitment to using fresh ingredients and cooking each pie in a wood-fired oven creates a crispy, chewy crust that’s simply divine. Whether you opt for classic toppings like pepperoni or venture into the world of fig and prosciutto, Moroso never disappoints. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make every visit a memorable one.

Shorty’s Pizza Shack: Where New York Meets Waco

Location: 1712 S 12th St, Waco, TX 76706

For those who crave the iconic New York-style pizza, Shorty’s Pizza Shack is the place to be. Known for its thin, foldable slices generously adorned with toppings, Shorty’s takes pizza to another level. The “Hawaiian Cowboy” pizza, featuring ham, bacon, pineapple, and jalapeños, is a crowd favorite. With outdoor seating perfect for soaking up the Texan sun, Shorty’s offers a pizza experience like no other.

Poppa Rollo’s Pizza: A Slice of Waco History

Location: 1201 Hewitt Dr #214 Waco, Texas 76712

To deeply appreciate Waco’s pizza history, a visit to Poppa Rollo’s Pizza is necessary. This family-owned restaurant has been serving delicious pizzas since 1969, making it a cherished part of the community. Their extensive menu offers a wide variety of pizzas, from traditional favorites like pepperoni and sausage to unique creations like the BBQ Chicken Pizza. What sets Poppa Rollo’s apart is its exceptional crust – crispy on the outside and delightfully chewy on the inside.

Napoli’s Italian Restaurant: A Taste of Old-World Charm

Location: 309 Owen Ln, Waco, TX 76710

Napoli’s Italian Restaurant is a cozy spot that transports you to the heart of Italy with its traditional pizza offerings. Their pizzas boast a thin crust, generous toppings, and a perfect blend of flavors. The “Napoli Special” is a must-try, featuring a combination of pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, and green peppers. The family-friendly atmosphere and attentive service make Napoli’s a popular choice among locals and visitors alike.

Rosati’s Pizza: Bringing Chicago to Waco

Location: 824 Hewitt Dr, Waco, TX 76712

For those craving a taste of Chicago-style pizza, Rosati’s Pizza is the place to be. Known for its deep-dish pies loaded with layers of cheese, sauce, and toppings, Rosati’s offers a unique pizza experience. Whether you choose the classic Chicago-style or opt for their thin crust pizzas, you’re in for a treat. The “Rosati’s Monster” with a variety of toppings is a true indulgence for pizza enthusiasts.

Trujillo’s Waco: Fusion of Mexican and Pizza Flavors

Location: 2100 Austin Ave, Waco, TX 76701

Trujillo’s Waco is where Mexican and pizza flavors come together for a delightful fusion. Their menu features creative pizzas infused with Mexican-inspired ingredients and spices. The “Mexican Street Corn Pizza” with corn, cotija cheese, and a hint of lime is a standout option. The friendly atmosphere and the innovative pizza options make Trujillo’s a unique and enjoyable pizza destination.

Brick & Forge Pizzeria: Craft Your Own Pizza Masterpiece

Location: 723 Austin Ave, Waco, TX 76701

At Brick & Forge Pizzeria, you can craft your own pizza masterpiece. Choose from a variety of fresh toppings, cheeses, and sauces to build a pizza that suits your taste perfectly. The option to customize your pizza allows for endless combinations, ensuring a unique and personalized dining experience. Their commitment to quality ingredients and the ability to create your pizza just the way you like it make Brick & Forge Pizzeria a popular choice.

DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks: Pizza and More for the Whole Family

Location: 1609 Hewitt Dr, Waco, TX 76712

DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks is a family-friendly pizzeria offering not only a variety of delicious pizzas but also other tasty treats like Stromboli, pepperoni rolls, and dessert pizzas. Their “Pepperoni Rolls” are a local favorite and a perfect accompaniment to their wide range of pizza flavors. With a casual and welcoming ambiance, DoubleDave’s is an excellent choice for a relaxed dining experience with family and friends.

Unique Pizza Flavors in Waco: Exploring Beyond the Classics

Waco’s pizza scene isn’t about traditional pies. It’s a treasure trove of unique and creative pizza flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. Here are a few standout options you won’t want to miss:

The Texas BBQ Pizza

Locations: Slow Rise, Moroso Wood Fired Pizzeria

Barbecue lovers rejoice! The Texas BBQ Pizza combines the sweetness and tanginess of barbecue sauce with the smoky goodness of either brisket or pulled pork. It’s a match made in pizza heaven.

The Veggie Delight Pizza

Locations: Baris, Di Campli’s Italian Ristorante

For vegetarians and veggie enthusiasts, the Veggie Delight Pizza is a delightful choice. Loaded with bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes, it’s a colorful and healthy way to enjoy your favorite flavors.

The Pepperoni Feast Pizza

Locations: Shorty’s Pizza Shack, Rosati’s Pizza

If you’re a fan of classic pizza flavors, the Pepperoni Feast Pizza has your name written all over it. Loaded with pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and optional extras like sausage or bacon, it’s a timeless favorite with a variety of twists to try.

Pizza Delivery Options in Waco: Convenience at Your Doorstep

Sometimes, you just want to enjoy a delicious pizza in the comfort of your own home. Waco offers several excellent pizza delivery options to satisfy your cravings without leaving your doorstep:

ariety of delicious pizza options available for delivery in Waco, Texas
Craving pizza? Explore our mouthwatering pizza options, ready for delivery right to your doorstep in Waco!

Uber Eats

Delivery Time: 30-40 minutes | Delivery Fee: $1.49

Uber Eats is a convenient choice for pizza delivery in Waco. They partner with local restaurants, including Papa John’s Pizza, to ensure your pizza arrives fresh and hot. Real-time tracking lets you know exactly when to expect your mouthwatering meal.


Rating: 4.2 on Yelp

Baris, a local Italian restaurant, offers delectable pizza for delivery. With a focus on pizza by the slice, they provide both delivery and takeout options, ensuring you can enjoy your pizza wherever you prefer.


Delivery Fee: $4.95 | Rating: 4.5

Slice is a dedicated pizza delivery service that collaborates with local pizzerias in Waco. They offer a wide selection of pizza places, including Portofino, for your convenience. Ordering your favorite pizza online has never been easier.

Shorty’s Pizza Shack

Rating: 87 on Tripadvisor

For a local favorite with excellent customer service, Shorty’s Pizza Shack is your go-to option for quick and easy pizza delivery. They cater to a range of dietary preferences, including gluten-free and vegan, ensuring everyone can enjoy their delectable pies.

Conclusion: Exploring Waco’s Pizza Paradise

As a pizza enthusiast, I’ve embarked on a journey through Waco’s vibrant pizza scene and narrowed down the top contenders for your pizza cravings. From the authentic Neapolitan magic of Moroso Wood Fired Pizzeria to the New York-style charm of Shorty’s Pizza Shack, Waco has something for everyone. Poppa Rollo’s Pizza and Morrison’s Pizza bring history and unique flavors to the table, making them must-visit destinations.

While these five pizzerias are my personal favorites, Waco boasts even more hidden gems that didn’t make the list. I encourage you to explore the local pizza landscape and discover your own cherished pizza spots. With a diverse range of flavors and styles, Waco’s pizza scene is a culinary adventure waiting to be savored.